All are MJ

Marc by Marc Jacobs 今季出了很多款時尚手錶,今次一口氣介紹多款...

1. Black Rock IP Bracelet

This new style has a stainless steel case with lime silicone details, stainless steel strap. Tri-fold buckle with spring-lock closure. 46MM round face.


The Henry Chrono Watch is an everyday stainless steel 36.5 mm chronograph with three-eye function and subtle etched logo top ring with tri-fold buckle with spring-lock closure. Rose Gold detail on face and indexes

3. Henry Watch

The Henry Watch is a classic unisex oversized white 43mm dial with polished stainless steel top ring enhanced by genuine leather straps.

4. Miss Marc Henry Watch

This new stainless steel case with white enamel top ring (and sides), silicone bracelet. MBMJ Roller buckle. 40MM round face.

5. Mini Jorie Aluminum Watch

6. Pelly Chrono Watch

Stainless steel and silicone mixed strap, with a tri-fold buckle with spring-lock closure. Glossy dots as indexes. 42mm round face.

7. Lidia Stripe Watch

The Lidia Stripe Watch features an alternating pave crystals and enamel rows in stainless steel create a modern stripe effect on a 40mm dial enhanced by patent leather straps and the classic roller buckle.


The mademoiselle Rivera Watch features a red pave lip dial with 47 jet black baguette stones embellished around the 40mm top ring and resin bracelet with a tri-fold buckle with spring-lock closure.